Abstract Business Administration

Three year degree course with graduation to Bachelor of Arts (Business Adminstration). In every year there are three theory blocks at the ASW. In the remaining time the students gain practical experiences in the cooperating training company. The tuition fees are paid by the training company. Usually the students also receive a salary.

For taking up any study at the ASW the formal requirement is the general university entrance qualification, the technical college entrance qualification or a successful master craftsman examination. More details concerning the admission you will find here.

Business Administration degree course (Bachelor of Arts)


The increasing competition on national and international markets and the increasing complexity of the economy, such as the legal framework conditions, requires qualified personnel in all areas of the economy with high business administration competence in individual specialist disciplines who also have the capability to recognise interrelationships and can think in an interdisciplinary and "networked" way.

The combination of basic modules and advanced specialist modules guarantees the acquisition to the same extent and at the same time of advanced specialist knowledge in individual disciplines and well-founded basic knowledge in all other areas of business administration. 

The following specialised fields of study are provided:

  • Retail Management
  • Industrial Management
  • Financial services
  • Taxation and accounting
  • Logistics

Thanks to the dual study at ASW – Berufsakademie Saarland, future graduates in Business Administration in addition to specialist scientific knowledge acquire valuable capabilities that are relevant for practice whereby they are put in an outstanding staring position for later appointment as management. The training cooperation with the companies ensures mainly that the needs of the involved dual partners are also taken into account for the course contents.


The Business Administration degree course consists of business economics basic modules and modules for the acquisition of so-called key qualifications that must be covered in each case irrespective of the selected specialist field of study.

Furthermore, courses from the selected special subjects are provided in each year.

As ASW – Berufsakademie Saarland started with the Business Administration degree course almost exactly 20 years ago, Business Administration is the classic of the established degree courses and already has a good reputation for many years.

The basic syllabus covers the following subjects:

Business Administration Basics
Key Qualifications
Special Subjects
General Business Administration
Mathematics / Statistics
Interdisciplinary Qualification
Industial Management
Fundamentals of  Information Technology
Retail Management
Cost Accounting
Business Information Systems
Financial Services
Financial Accounting
Marketing / Market Research
Compulsory optional language English / French
Taxation and Accounting
Investment and Financing
European Law / Politics
Business Game (TOPSIM)
Personnel Management
Project Management

Fundamentals of Accounting
International Financial Reporting Standards
Business Communication

Training Schedule

The timelines and the contents of the practical training are roughly specified in the training schedule.

Structure and sequence

The contents of the course modules are tailored s that they are mainly self-contained areas of knowledge. Thereby, important basics are taught in the first year of study that are essential for the understanding of the contents of the second and third year of the course. While basics are taught in the first year and these are covered in more depth in the second year, the third year of the course prepares the students for later management activities.

The added value of a dual study is mainly produced from the meshing of acquired theoretical knowledge and the practical experience in the training company. In order to give the training company the opportunity to already optimise this meshing by the design of its training plans, the distribution of the theoretical teaching over the three theory blocks of a study year follows a fixed, specified schedule. The study success can be optimised if the training company takes account of this schedule for the design of the practical training in the company.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Kunz

Head of Business Administration-Studies


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