Abstract Business Information Systems

Three year degree course with graduation to Bachelor of Arts (Business Information Systems). In every year there are three theory blocks at the ASW. In the remaining time the students gain practical experiences in the cooperating training company. The tuition fees are paid by the training company. Usually the students also receive a salary.

For taking up any study at the ASW the formal requirement is the general university entrance qualification, the technical college entrance qualification or a successful master craftsman examination. More details concerning the admission you will find here.

Business Information Systems degree course (Bachelor of Arts)


The increasing penetration of business processes by information and communications technology requires qualified personnel in all areas of the economy with both high business administration as well as technical competence.

Future business information specialists acquire wide knowledge in both areas at ASW – Berufsakademie Saarland. Due to the meshing of theoretical and practical training elements, it is ensured that the students can use their acquired knowledge immediately and can adapt to the special needs of the participating dual study partners.

The primary objective of the dual study Business Information Systems course is the practical qualification of the future business information specialists. Due to the technical and social competence acquired in the course, graduates are able to make future-oriented management decisions and participate responsibly in the company development.  The and practically integrated course establishes very good conditions for the graduates for a successful career start and the best career opportunities.


The Business Information Systems course is divided into the knowledge areas of business administration, computer science and business information systems. Integrated course subjects with interdisciplinary training subjects such as project management, business process management, consulting and a database case study round off the training in a practically oriented way.

In all areas, the curriculum development is practical, largely project-related and team-oriented. Both already completed as well as new course contents are brought together repeatedly in realistic group work in the instruction.

The basic syllabus covers the following subjects:

Business Administration Computer Science Business Information Systems General Science Subjects

General Business Administration
Fundamentals of Accounting
Financial Accounting
Investment and Financing
Costs Accounting

Operational Management
Quality Management
Project Management

System Development
Software Engineering
Object-Oriented Programming

Information Technology
Computer Architecture
Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Client/Server Technology

Data Management
Data Modelling
Database Programming
Database Administration
Data Warehousing / Information Management
Content Management Systems

Office Communication Systems

Business Process Management
Business Process Modelling
ERP Systems
ERP Applications (SAP)

Mathematics and Statistics

IT Law

Business English

Academic Writing

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Training Schedule

The timelines and the contents of the practical training are roughly specified in the training schedule.

Structure and sequence

The contents of the course modules are tailored so that they are mainly self-contained areas of knowledge.

The added value of a dual study is mainly produced from the meshing of acquired theoretical knowledge and the practical experience in the training company. In order to give the training company the opportunity to already optimise this meshing by the design of its training plans, the distribution of the theoretical teaching over the three theory blocks of a study year follows a fixed, specified schedule. The study success can be optimised if the training company takes account of this schedule for the design of the practical training in the company.


Prof. Dr. Dieter Hofbauer

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hofbauer

Head of Business Information Systems-Studies


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