Admission and application procedure

Whoever would like to study at the University of Cooperative Education must apply to a training company for a study place with reference to the appropriate field of study. A current list of the training companies can be found here.

However, when searching for training places, companies that are not yet on this list should also be approached. If the companies meet requirements  for any training, ASW will prepare the companies for such training in the course of a suitability assessment.

The approval requirement for any study at the university of cooperative education is regulated in the Saarland law for universities of cooperative education. Accordingly, the general university entrance qualification, the technical college entrance qualification or a successful master craftsman examination are the formal requirement for taking up any study at the university of cooperative education. Further training equivalent to a master craftsman examination as well as 3 years of professional experience after 2 years of training with passing of an admission test are also acceptable.

At the same time, a training and study contract must be concluded with one of the companies authorised by ASW – Berufsakademie Saarland. The authorisation is made after submission of the training and study contract and the university entrance qualification.

Studies that have been completed at other universities can be recognised if necessary after verification by the respective course management.