The practical part takes place in the training company.

The company-based part of the course takes place in the company that the student has concluded a training and study contract with. In addition to the general basics, the company has the task of also teaching the special technical knowledge in the respective economic sector of the company. Thereby, the training company should

  • have many years of experience in commercial and/or techno-commercial training,
  • provide suitable training personnel for teaching knowledge and capabilities (trainer suitability),
  • guarantee involvement in management functions during the training,
  • provide comprehensive information about the study in all operational areas,
  • enable the transfer of operational tasks during the training to own responsibility and autonomy.

The company-based part of the training is used for the systematic acquisition of practical knowledge and the development of the required social and emotional competence in professional life.

Training Schedule

 The timelines and the contents of the practical training are roughly specified in the training schedule.