The range of courses provided at ASW has become more diverse and differentiated since the founding in 1991. Sector-related courses and highly specialised qualifications have significantly changed the range of courses in recent years. The syllabus also takes account of requirements from the business world.
Since 2007, the ASW Bachelor courses have been nationally and internationally accredited with 180 ECTS points by the AQAS accreditation agency and are legally equivalent to Bachelor graduations of the universities (Saarl. BAkadG §4a, para. 2).

The constant change in the economy requires continuous adaptation of the course contents. Subject areas such as emotional intelligence, social competence and many interdisciplinary qualifications have a larger weighting in the courses. Behavioural and socially-related topics are provided in the form of seminars.
Foreign languages such as Business English and Business French supplement the key qualifications.
The range of courses currently comprises the following Bachelor degree courses:

  • Business Administration with the specialist fields of financial services, trade, industry, taxation and accounting, logistics,
  • Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in production technology,
  • Business Information Systems and
  • Business Engineering

Study locations

The theoretical lectures mainly take place on the premises of ASW – Berufsakademie Saarland e.V., Zum Eisenwerk 2, D-66538 Neunkirchen (Germany).

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