Training Companies

Many more than 200 companies at ASW

The many more than 200 companies who train at ASW are successfully active in different sectors.

The size of the companies ranges here from small and medium size enterprises (SME) with 10 to 500 employees to global enterprises who with their several thousands of employees and diverse strategic business areas are commercially active at the highest level as global players. 

The student concludes a training and study contract with his respective training company and also becomes qualified in the course of the company-based part of the study that takes place in this company to implement the knowledge gained in the theoretical part in practice. The capabilities obtained in this way and the knowledge gained about the company structures and processes due to the deployment in the company enable the graduate after completion of the study to be deployed as an already relatively experienced employee.

The companies who arrange training of the students at ASW must have the required suitability. Our responsible Director of Studies is pleased to visit you if you are interested in our range of courses.